Black Bean Crispbread

Enjoy the benefits of simple, plant-based food with Spliits. Made with the goodness of great-tasting veggies, Spliits makes a delicious, easy meal or snack that you’ll love any way, any time. We use simple ingredients like 100% Australian rice, hearty black-beans and sun-ripened corn to make our crispbread taste so good.

  • Top it with sliced pieces roasted sweet potato, roasted chickpeas, roughly chopped coriander and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, or with anything you like for an easy and tasty meal.
  • Snap it and dip it in tomato and coriander salsa, or your favourite dip for a convenient snack anytime.

Made with Veggies. Gluten Free. 99% Fat Free.
52 calories per serve. No Added Sugar.


Spliits Black Bean Veggie Crispbread